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You have to try…Pukka Herbs Turmeric Latte

As brands go, Pukka have made an authoritative and exceptional name for themselves since launching into the wellness scene back in 2011. The co-founder, Tim Westwell, wanted to bring the wonder of herbs and spices to the mainstream, especially through their range of teas and supplements. I was specifically drawn to Pukka for their Turmeric-related products, as I myself am something of a self-confessed Turmeric-nut. Luckily for me, their Latte is now getting me through the winter months. Check out all my findings in my latest review!

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5 minutes with…Æcorn Aperitifs

The brilliant people at Æcorn Aperitifs are bringing non-alcoholic drinking into the modern age with a delectable choice of premium, NA aperitifs. It’s a booming market with increasing numbers choosing to opt out of traditional drinking, leaving the quandary of how to make ‘non-drinking’ a more exciting option. What’s great about Æcorn Aperitifs is their products are incredibly versatile and can be mixed with tonic or soda water, and can even be added to liven up a traditional cocktail.

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Top 10 Food & Drink Gifts This Christmas

As a food writer, my friends and family have come to expect edible gifts over the festive season! Personally, I think there’s nothing better than a foodie gift, and I always hope there will be something of the sweet or savoury variety waiting under the tree. Check out my Top 10 list of foodie gifts this festive season. Happy shopping!

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Lunch at…Bala Baya

The vibrant cuisine of Tel Aviv has been brought to life, courtesy of Chef Eran Tibi who’s love of seasonal, fresh produce pays homage to his Israeli roots. Bala Baya is all about the sharing, with a plethora of small plates to choose from. This is a restaurant designed to make you feel right at home, and the delightfully attentive staff are ready to help with those all-important culinary decisions.

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5 minutes with…Helen Clark

Helen Clark is the Head Pastry Chef at P.F. Chang’s in central London and creates some of the most spectacular desserts in town. I managed to catch up with Helen to hear all about how she got started in her career, as well as making it in the tough world of professional kitchens. If you haven’t met Helen before, here’s a little introduction to the pastry-wielding magician – that’s actually how I like to think of her!

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Avocado & Feta Soup

I’m unashamed in my absolute adoration of avocado. I eat it on toast, tacos, and have even been known to eat it with a roast dinner! There’s no meal where avocados aren’t welcome. It was this obsession that led me to turn the component parts of a classic avocado toast into a delicious, comforting soup.

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You have to try…Caleño

Caleño is the latest offering in the non-alcoholic drinking market with a tropical-inspired spirit with none of the boozy after effects. The founder, Ellie Webb, was frustrated by the lack of choice in bars and clubs and wanted to create an exciting, alternative spirit for the non-drinker.

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