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How to be a Spiritual Goddess by Stephanie Brookes


How to be a Spiritual Goddess

What would it take to bring a little bit of modern magic into your life?

In How to Be a Spiritual Goddess, Stephanie Brookes introduces all things cosmic for the twenty-first-century girl.

From aura reading and stress-busting meditation techniques to consulting your spirit guide or finding your soul mate, this essential book will help you to discover exciting new ways to connect to the world around you.

Using the handy 'how to' exercises you can instantly incorporate spiritual practices into your busy life. After all, spirituality often has to be fitted in between a work deadline and a shopping date with friends - and that's exactlly the way it should be.

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The high heeled healers


The high heeled

First developed an interest in spirituality when she first had a childhood encounter with spirit...

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Some Silent Hero by Stephanie Brookes


Magic Numbers

Think maths is the most boring subject ever? Well, think again! You can discover your hidden personality in 3 simple mathematical steps!

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