Stephanie Brookes

About Stephanie

Stephanie Brookes is an award-winning writer and presenter. She is the author of How To Be a Spiritual Goddess and the newly launched, Meditation Made Easy.

Her warm personality and pragmatic approach appeals to a wide audience, leading to interviews in Company magazine, Spirit & Destiny, the Daily Express, and Soul & Spirit. She is a lifestyle blogger for the Huffington Post UK, and has frequently contributed to the online magazine She was also named Best Contributing Writer for her work with holistic title, Vision Magazine.

Her fresh, appealing style has also led to broadcasting work, including appearances on ITV's This Morning, BBC Radio 2, Talk Sport, and BBC London 94.9. She has recently begun hosting her own weekly lifestyle show on Hoxton Radio, bringing her listeners an eclectic mix of foodie news, book reviews and the best of what's happening in and around east London.

Meditation Made Easy and How to Be a Spiritual Goddess


Meditation Made Easy

Trying to find a work/life balance can be exhausting, and we are always looking for ways to release tension and relax. Meditation is the perfect solution, and yet people often worry that to meditate properly they need to sit for hours in a contorted position! Written in a down-to-earth, accessible style, Stephanie Brookes sweeps aside these outdated stereotypes, and shows us how to incorporate simple meditation techniques into our busy, non-stop lives. Stephanie has outlined bespoke meditations for a wide range of situations, including meditations for self-healing, meditations for relationships and meditations on the go. Packed with engaging and insightful information on meditation's well-being benefits, this book will show you how even a very short meditation can reduce stress, ease tension and set you on the path to inner peace.

How to Be a Spiritual Goddess

In How to Be a Spiritual Goddess, Stephanie Brookes introduces all things cosmic for the twenty-first-century girl. From aura reading and stress-busting meditation techniques to consulting your spirit guide or finding your soul mate, this essential book will help you to discover exciting new ways to connect to the world around you.

You can buy 'How to Be a Spiritual Goddess' at Amazon UK and all other booksellers now.